The car with far away eyes

-echo- The car with far away eyes

I’d bought an old lightblue pontiac for little money from a friend who given me the key data

– the car had been in an accident,

-one of it’s headlights was still kind of twisted

-it was losing transmission fluid.

Therefore, during my time in Atlanta I knew I was not in a good position for a daily drive through spaghetti junction. Google that place and you’ll know.

So I’d drive the byways, one of many people with 300Dollar cars, listening to Motown, with my windows open. Takes longer but also takes you places others never get to see. On some days the drive back from work was the highlight of my day.

At night, from a Tarantino point of view, the crosseyed car was the coolest thing. It looked like me when I get tired.  

The picture gets even better-

A couple of years before that I had been told I would never be driving a car at all.

One gets told all kinds of things, and some of it is going to be true. All of it is going to be true if you decide not to fight.

You are going to be too weak to drive, too short, too curvy for fashion week, wrong colour of skin, wrong accent, a female when they were looking to hire a man, too young to talk to grownups, too scared to start something new until you realize that your focus has been on the opinions of the wrong people.

Today is my birthday. I drove here.

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