start small…intro a

While not yet sure how to exactely do this, I know this thing needs music.

Music has been my companion and helper for all my life.

You can just say you are into music, into sounds and voices and it’s going to tell a lot. One does not need to overanalize why something has such impact on your life.

However, as an intro, one could give it a shot.

As a kid I had very few chances to  be by myself. I shared a room with my older autistic brother. Not just talking about where my bed was placed in our appartment- this situation was my first ever job.

Wasn’t paid to do it and never applied for it– this thing just happened-, like getting a ticket to a show you never thought you’d see.

Getting along was a challenge, and an even bigger challenge to try and speak his mind. Because this you need to know- his type of personality is not much into communication.

There are few feelings autistic people do express, but they do it in their own way.

They avoid eye contact, their facial expressions are different, reduced to tiny changes, a loud, staccato voiced language and moves that simply seem odd to others.

So here’s what happenes- while there still is a need to get a message through to the outside world, that very world will be fooled by these different- or missing- expressions, basically you will be isolated.

Unless, of course, you have a translator. One person who, for whatever reason, has gotten a ticket into your world, an insider who can speak both languages, speak and act on your behalf and would explain why you do not respond by speaking your mind in a way that the outside world unterstands. Whithout you even asking.

At the risk, for that translator, of losing herself.

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